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Sage ACT! Help and Consulting

Use our Live Chat feature to get instant help with ACT! troubleshooting, error messages and installation. Purchase one-time support, get a discount on our *unlimited help* annual maintenance plan, or hire us for ACT! consulting project work to customize your database to match your company’s workflow processes.

Sage ACT! User Group

Meet and network with other ACT Software users and find out database secrets they use to boost their business. Each month we pick an ACT! sales, marketing or technology topic and drill down to show you everything you need to know to master this technique with your own ACT! database. Live Q&A, too, with certified ACT! Consultants!

Request a live 30-minute Demo

Aviva LLC has the technology you want to increase sales, manage your sales quotes and generate more leads. Click the image above to see a live demo of ACT! software, QuoteWerks or Swiftpage Email Marketing. See accounting integration and how to launch email marketing and drip marketing campaigns from your ACT! database.

Database Marketing

Drip Marketing Letters

Every company needs to keep in touch with prospects and customers. Drip Marketing Letters are written for serious, but time-crunched sales and marketing professionals who want to launch effective drip marketing campaigns but don’t know how to start. Read about the 8 must-have drip marketing campaigns that work with any marketing automation software.

Email Marketing

The “best” email marketing software is the one that integrates with your CRM software so you use fewer tools. If you use ACT! Software, the clear choice is Swiftpage because of the database integration. Slice and dice your list in ACT! and send emails, drip marketing campaigns and customer surveys with one click. Sign up for a 60-day free Swiftpage trial…no HTML required.

Lead Generation

Having someone’s email address does not make them a hot lead. But when a website visitor completes a web form, that’s the start of “hot” behavior. Your sales team would much rather follow up on inbound marketing leads, too. So how do you increase inbound marketing conversion rates? Read more–we’ve got a dozen self-funding ideas for you to consider.

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I was relaxing in my favorite coffee shop, minding my own business (really!) when I overheard the woman at the next table say, “How do I access my Sage ACT! database on a tablet?” Now, I’ve had my share of people who have listened in on my conversations in coffee shops, without me realizing it, […]


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Let’s face it, if your email blast doesn’t get opened, you aren’t going to get any traffic. Here are tips to get your recipients to open, read, and respond to your email blast. 1. Get the Email Opened with a Good Subject Line The worst mistake you can make with your subject line is to […]


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Your email database is made up of several segments. For example, you likely have contacts in many industries, of both genders, some who have already done business with you, and some who are still sitting on that proposal from long ago. You’ve likely sent them all a carefully crafted email blast, then wondered why the response was weak at best.


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Well, it’s that time of year. My desk is pleading for a desktop clearance intervention and, at my gym, the increased number of cars in the parking lot confirms that it’s do-over season again. The good news is that every end of the year brings each of us a fresh chance to rethink how to […]


Two Obscure Tweaks and One Caveat for Sage ACT! Software

A couple of obscure questions came up this week about using Sage ACT! Software and also one that many people think is a “gotcha.” Q – When using Swiftpage for a newsletter, it will not recognize my secondary contacts. How do I include them in my email blast? A – Sage ACT! only recognizes primary […]